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Booking System Update

Booking System Update
posted 26 Apr 2018

We will soon be updating our booking system to remove support for TLS 1.1. 

What is TLS 1.1?

TLS is the encryption protocol that makes browsing the web a secure experience. Because our booking system, Spektrix, is committed to providing customers with a secure web experience and remaining Level 1 PCI compliant, they need to disable TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0 and 1.1 support across our system. They will be disabling payment support for older computers and internet browsers that don’t meet the most up-to-date TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. This is a standard procedure that all websites that handle payments will need to implement. Although you should be aware of the change, in general, no direct action will be required.

Will I have to do anything?

Most likely not. The oldest PC software/Internet Browser combination you can use whilst still adhering to TLS 1.2 is Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 (the most recent version is Internet Explorer 11). Most internet browsers update automatically so you will almost certainly be fine if you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge to surf the web.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or 10, these are compatible, but not by default. To enable TLS 1.2 on these browsers, you will need to tick a box in the browser settings (just click on the cog on the top right of the window, then go to Internet Options > Advanced > Use TLS 1.2).

If you’re using Windows XP you may need to upgrade your computer to continue to booking on our website as well as a great many other online shopping providers. 

Spektrix will be turning off this support on 30 April 2018. 

Please remember that this is a standard procedure that all websites that handle payments will need to implement to make sure payments are processed as securely as possible.

We hope you agree that this is an important step in providing the best possible customer service.


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