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New Community Project - Call Out!

New Community Project - Call Out!
posted 21 Sep 2021



Lincolnshire One Venues has been successful in a bid for funding, to work with individuals or groups across Lincolnshire to put on memorable community arts events

We want to work with you to create a series of community events that take place out and about. These events should:

  • Involve ‘the arts’ in some way – and by the arts we mean theatre, music, sculpture, photography, comedy, dance, calligraphy, hip-hop, radio plays and more – the projects can be as broad as your ideas!
  • Take place out and about in your community venues – so that could be a village hall or a park, a market place or a community centre, a canal towpath or on the beach.
  • Be decided on my members of the public – that’s you and the people you connect with.
  • Be Covid safe – as we know restrictions may come and go and we want to make sure that what we do is safe and that vulnerable people aren’t negatively affected by the activities.
  • Take place between June and September 2022.

These events will take place in eight different locations, linking to the eight arts organisations that make up Lincolnshire One Venues:

Louth Riverhead Theatre

The Collection and Usher Gallery

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

Terry O’Toole Theatre

Hub – formerly the National Centre for Craft and Design

Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham

South Holland Centre, Spalding

Stamford Arts Centre

Each of the venues will select one community group to work with.

Why get involved?

This is a great opportunity for a bit of good news in your place! After a long period of uncertainty, and pretty much all community activity being halted we’re pleased to be able to offer Lincolnshire this chance to celebrate again. We’ll call your role Community Producer.

We will provide:

  • Support from a Mentor – someone who will help you deliver your vision. This will be an experienced arts worker who knows all about the nitty gritty – risk assessments, budgeting, crowd management – all of the things that can often seem overwhelming if you’re trying to be an organiser. We hope that you’ll learn lots by working with someone in this way.
  • Support from your local LOV venue to help with creative ideas, marketing and links to people that can help you, whether that’s finding a musician or getting permission from the council to use a particular open space.
  • Cash! There is a budget for the activity that takes place, and as an individual or a group you will also receive a fee for the time that you contribute to arranging and delivering the event.

What do we mean by a community?

For us this means many things and we are really open to your ideas. For instance:

  • You could be a geographic community. A village or a suburb or similar, who want to put something on for those that live, work or connect with where you are.
  • You might be a community that is created by a particular interest or place – Friends of a particular historical spot, or Lincolnshire bird watchers or parachuters or stained-glass makers, or a local arts organisation – as long as what you propose is open to all and not just for your group.
  • Your community might be connected for another reason – what we call a protected characteristic – be this around race, age, sexuality, disability, cultural identity or background – again, as long as what you propose is open to all.

What are our aims?

We want to support local artists and creatives where possible, so we’d like you to put local first. So, if you propose bringing in a dance group from London to do a performance and then go home, we’re unlikely to fund your idea – but if a choreographer from Louth was going to work with a Samba drummer from Stamford to create a one-off piece with local dancers – well, that sounds much more like it.

We’d like the event to be what your community wants – so we’d like you to be connected to the people around you. The event isn’t just for you!

We’re happy that events could take all sorts of forms – a family arts day, for example, or an exhibition or installation, a performance or concert, a workshop, a picnic or BBQ, or a trail. Or it could be a combination of things – a week long arts activity extravaganza or a weekend of performances on temporary stages around the place. Your own mini-festival!

Each Community Producer will be expected to consider how their creative commission engages with the most vulnerable members of the community, building on our pandemic learning around access, equality, equity and inclusion.  This could be as simple as ensuring a digital output is accessible online for those that can’t attend, or that content is deliberately structured around access needs. Don’t be put off if that’s not something you’ve had to do before – we will support you through the process.

When will it happen?

We will start making links and taking suggestions from groups and individuals from September onwards. We may well ask you for more information as we move forward – but the starting place is a conversation (see below).

The final decision about which Community Producers we’re going to work with will be made in December. It may be that we need to come back to you to develop the application, depending on the number of applicants and the quality of ideas that we receive.

Jan – April 2022 – Producing workshop sessions and support from the Mentor

April – September 2022 – Community Producer to work on their project supported by host venue, Mentor and the LOV project team.

June – September 2022 – Delivery of your creative project.

Budget information

There is a budget for each Community Producer of £5250 and we will create eight events across the county. The funding has been provided by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, who have previously funded our community work. The funding will not impact local income from elsewhere such as council tax or local authority spending.

This £5250 needs to include:

  • Community Producer fee – supporting you to produce the project within your community
  • Programme costs – (artist fees for delivery, event staff, production expenses and consumables)

On top of that there is a separate fee to pay the Mentor who will help you, and some money set aside for:

  • Marketing Costs
  • Skills training if needed


The application process, if you would like to be one of our eight Community Producers, begins with a phone call. Following on from that we’ll ask you to put some information down on paper – this will be a simple application form.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Monday 18th October.

For more information and to register your interest please contact:

Jo Dobbs

South Kesteven District Council’s Arts Projects Officer


01476 406165 / 07790 911539


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