Flex the Text GCSE English

Flex the Text GCSE English

A weekly course combining creative performance skills and activities with English GSCE texts, offering enjoyable learning opportunities for all students.

Classes combine creative performance skills with GCSE English texts. Suitable for ages 14-16

Speak it – Act it – Get it


A text is so much more than words on a page…

… It is a world of ideas, characters and plots. It is a play, a poem, a story - created to be shared, explored and enjoyed. All it needs to spring to life, is a voice…

At Wired In Creatives, we’ve had the innovative idea of exploring GCSE texts through live drama, so students can experience the full creative impact of the texts they are studying at school.

In the world of drama, everything is possible…

Why only read characters when you can act them?

Why just think about poetry, when you can explore it, out loud?

Why not re-create stories and discover how language sparks imagination?

We’ll encourage students to bring their individual experiences to the narrative.

Armed with their own discoveries and creative performance skills, we’ll produce unique dramatic interpretations of the printed word. We’ll use every drama tool and technique available to us and use costume, make-up and lighting to highlight the narrative.

By expanding on knowledge of their texts, students will gain confidence to identify, interpret and articulate their thoughts on themes, characters and language style.

Powered by drama

Flex the Text course provides an exciting, immersive way for students to develop an in-depth understanding of GCSE exam texts.

‘What we learn with pleasure, we never forget’ Alfred Mercier 

Additional information

Flex the Text is a weekly course, running throughout the school year. Classes should be booked in advance of each half term. 

Covid: Due to Covid 19 the classes will be limited to a max of 15 to ensure that distancing is observed.

For more information please contact wiredincreatives@gmail.com

Book Tickets

Tickets: £15 per class

When: Wednesdays 5pm - 6.30pm

Where: Stamford Arts Centre Ballroom

What: Performance classes/workshops

Who: Suitable for ages 14 - 16

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