The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe

The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe


From the award-winning creators of Orlando, Austen’s Women, and Jane Eyre: An Autobiography.

★★★★★ ‘A simply stunning production’ (Edinburgh Reporter) 

★★★★★ ’Superlative’ (Remotegoat) 

★★★★★ ’Spellbinding’ (The Carrick) 

★★★★★ ‘Outstanding’ (One4Review) 

★★★★ ‘Startling, sensual, sarcastic…anything but unremarkable’ (Three Weeks) 

★★★★ ‘A fantastic performance… a great production… an absolute must’ (Broadway Baby) 

★★★★ ‘Powerful and poetic… a dazzling performance’ (Edinburgh Guide)

August 5th, 1962: Monroe as we’ve never seen her before: alone in her bedroom, in dressing gown and underwear; no glitz, no glamour, no masks. Overdosed on pills, the woman behind the icon unravels her remarkable life, taking us back through the memories of her closest relationships.

Repeatedly stalked by a mysterious caller, the Hollywood icon tells all (Joe DiMaggio, Clark Gable, Arthur Miller, her mother – it’s all here), revealing a biting intelligence and an imperfect body, leading us in real time to the very moment of her death.

Written and Directed by Elton Townend Jones (Dalloway, Orlando, Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, The Time Machine).

Performed by Lizzie Wort (RSC’s The Magician’s Daughter, Animal Farm).

Winner of the Three Weeks Editors Award.

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