Becoming Marvellous by Cathy Carson

Becoming Marvellous by Cathy Carson

Cathy Carson’s new play is set on the streets of 1990s Belfast and focuses on a young woman named Danielle as she struggles to navigate the world around her. It is a partly autobiographical combination of poetry and storytelling. 

Cathy Carson is a spoken word performer from Northern Ireland, known for her powerful, emotive, engaging and deeply affecting performances. She has performed at festivals, radio, television, theatre, podcasts, and she has been published in several anthologies. Her writing combines poetry and story telling and explores human connection and condition. Unafraid, unflinching, heart-breaking, and heart-warming, this semi-autobiographical one woman show opened in the Abbey Lane Theatre Armagh to sell-out shows on consecutive nights with rave reviews. 

The story begins in Belfast in the 1970’s, where life at home is as troubled for young Danielle as it is on the streets. Mistreated at home, expelled from school at 15 and homeless by 20, Danielle feels like she is drowning. But there are lifeboats around her, people who will save her if only she can trust them enough to take their hand. Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions, a stunningly crafted script, and a powerhouse performance.


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