Gong Bath Meditation
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Gong Bath Meditation

Gong Bath – Sally Warr 6pm to 7pm

Sally will create a soundscape using light percussion instruments and gongs. All you have to do is to lie on a mat in a comfortable space and be open to receiving the enveloping sound vibrations which can help bring you into a restorative state of balance and relaxation.

Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a small cushion. It is recommended that you do not have a gong bath if: • you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy • you have any condition which is sound sensitive or could be triggered by sound such as Tinnitus, Meniere’s or Epilepsy • you have a significant Metal implant/Pacemaker • or you have a serious mental health condition •

Please do not attend the session if you have recently come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or are self-isolating or if there is any doubt at all that you do not feel well. •

If you have any queries, please contact gongbathmeditation@gmail.com

Age 13 plus

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