Jane Austen at Home

Jane Austen at Home

This entertaining one-woman show consists entirely of Jane Austen’s words. Celebrating the variety and wit of her writings, with extracts from her memoirs, letters, poetry and novels. 

The performance is a one-woman show, consisting entirely of Jane Austen’s words: it celebrates the variety and wit of her writings, with extracts from her memoirs, letters, juvenilia, poetry and novels, and takes us into the attitudes, imagination and sensations of those who lived in country houses and rectories in the early nineteenth century.

t includes much of her perceptive (often satirical) observation of the social life of the English county families. The extracts also capture her warm-heartedness and affection.

A comment from Anne McElvoy, journalist and broadcaster "For ardent Janeites and newcomers to Austen's work of any age, Jane Austen at Home is a treat. Think of it as dipping into a selection box of the author's best-known works, but also a chance to sample unfamiliar treats, including her wickedly funny juvenilia and poignant letters to her family."


£16 (£15) £14 groups of 8+ to include a drink after the show.

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