Babylon (18)

Babylon (18)

Dir: Damein Chazelle USA 2023 3hrs 8mins

With: Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie

Almost as long as Avatar this simply extraordinary epic about the early days of Hollywood cinema is a whirlwind of overwhelming excess. The first 30mins contains nothing less than a full-scale party/orgy which introduces Brad Pitt playing a boozy movie idol and Margot Robbie as a wannabe starlet who eventually sees her name in lights. Yet as the years reel by and silent films are overtaken by “talking pictures” the wild days of Tinseltown becomes darker and more dangerous. Massively ambitious Babylon is also something of a total love letter to cinema itself by the director of La La Land. You’ll never have seen anything like it before or since.

“A grand hymn to a Golden Age” The Guardian

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