Literature at Lunchtime: Umberto Eco

Literature at Lunchtime: Umberto Eco

with Dr Jane Mackay

Umberto Eco ‘The Name of the Rose’.

An Italian medieval murder mystery, with a ‘detective’ Monk based on Sherlock Holmes and an esoteric puzzle at its core. Come and enjoy a different type of Baskerville.

This is a hugely satisfying read and a lovely film with Sean Connery as William Baskerville.

In her own words - Dr Jane Mackay

"I love the freedom to talk about the great writers in terms of the essence of time and place. I look at their backgrounds, what they read when they were young, their early writings - for the seed within their earlier work often develops in their later work - and always I'm looking for the configuration of their own particular genius.

Great writers carry an intensity about the place of their birth and the age in which they lived, but what they say is universal - it escapes time and place and applies to us all. I feel privileged to be given access to such great minds though their writings."

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Dec. 7th . In front of the Shoestring set for ‘A Xmas Carol’ a special lecture on Dickens’ Christmas Books. We have looked at some of these separately in the past, but this is an opportunity to see what they stood for and the effect they had on the Victorian reading public. Followed by a quiet time with Dr Jane in the Gallery with mulled wine and mince pies included in your talk ticket.



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