The Anarchist's Mobile Library

The Anarchist's Mobile Library

An exclusive online premiere over the Bank Holiday weekend 29-31 August

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The Anarchist's Mobile Library with Tessa Bide

Exclusive online premiere for SKDC over the Bank Holiday weekend 29-31 August

‘The Anarchist’s Mobile Library’ will take you on an incredible audio adventure that YOU choose, solving problems and meeting characters, from anywhere you choose to play! With many different worlds to explore, where will your adventure take you? Perhaps an intergalactic space adventure? Or a deepsea swim, meeting creatures that lurk in the depths? Or even an abandoned witch’s kitchen, with the cauldron bubbling away?

Tessa Bide Productions have created an interactive, audio adventure to empower children to be masters of their own destinies, to be inspired by literature and to change the stories they see unfolding around them.

The Anarchist’s Mobile Library is supported by Arts Council England.

An Audio Adventure is an interactive-audio project you can play on any internet device. As they listen, the audience plays the role of the creator, choosing the story they would like to explore and how they would like it to end. With bold animations, narration, and a beautifully created soundscape, our project is accessible to all those with the internet, although we encourage the listener to put down their screens and let their imaginations paint the visuals! It inspires the audience to be the masters of their own destinies, to challenge the norms and choose what endings they want to see in the world.

About Tessa Bide Productions:

Tessa Bide Productions are an award-winning theatre company directed by Tessa Bide. We create theatre for children which unites families, offering an engaging and stimulating theatrical
experience for both adults and children. You might meet us in a traditional theatre setting or in the middle of a field and most recently, on your computer! We aim to inspire communities who may not have access to theatre with topical stories, a bold physical language and a few puppets along the way. Tessa Bide Productions put children at the heart of our work, from devising through to presentation. We encourage creativity, inclusive play and a sense of adventure.

Suitable for ages 6-10

Premiere on Saturday 29 August 10.30am


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  • Sat 29 August -31 August 10:30 AM

When: 29 - 31 August (Aug Bank Holiday Weekend)


What: An online family event that will take you on an incredible audio adventure

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