Gallery Exhibition

Gallery Exhibition

Gallery Information

The gallery is open from 9am until the last event of the day finishes, but will never close before 5pm. For a specific closing time, please contact the venue closer to the date you wish to visit on.

The gallery boast a bright, open space for artists to exhibit their work in. The space is used by a variety of artists including fine art, sculptures, metal work and more.


Gallery Information for potential Artists

There is a waiting list to exhibit in the Gallery.

If you are interested please submit sample images to the email address below.

We will contact you as soon as possible and add you to our waiting list for the next available yearly programme, and nearer the time we will arrange dates, times, setting up arrangements etc.

All exhibitors will need to set up and remove their own exhibition and provide any publicity material. The exhibition can go on our website if we are provided with a digital write up and image. 

There is no limit to the quantity of work exhibited and it is personal choice of the artist if they prefer to be in residence during their exhibition.

Email for Gallery hire information

Please note, a normal hire period is 2 weeks, starting on a Monday and Taking down on the Saturday of the following week.


Option A - per fortnight Option B


£300 Hire + works sold through the box office and 15% Commission on any sales


£400 for hire alone (selling your own work or displaying only)

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