The Road Dance (15)

The Road Dance (15)

Priority booking opens: Wednesday 25th May

General booking opens: Monday 30th May

Dir: Ritchie Adams UK 2021 1hr 57mins

With: Mark Gatiss, Hermione Corfield

Kirsty is a young woman coming of age in a small island community in the years before WW1. She dreams of the wider world and a life away from the harsh land and strict religion of her Hebridean home. Tragedy strikes twice however, once at a village party known as the Road Dance, then again, when her boyfriend is sent to fight in the war. Inspired by a true story, the film offers a believable window on the rhythms of island life at the turn of the twentieth century that frames a genuinely compelling drama about love, loss, betrayal and hope.

Evenings - £7 (£6.50)

Matinees - £6.50 (£6)

Under 26s - £5

Friends of Stamford Cinema - 50p off

Important Information

Running time: 1hr 57mins

Priority booking opens: Wednesday 25th May 2022

General booking opens: Monday 30th May 2022

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